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Sintering Refractories

Microwave Sintering in Rotary Kiln for Refractories MgCo3 to MgO @ 1600-1700 ° C –

An Energy efficient route to Oil-Fired fumace.

As Cited in the tile oil bill of say Rs. 6 Cr./Yr. could be brought down to Rs. 2cr./Yr. of electricity bill/ 6 hrs per day run would yield 24 hrs per day of oil-fired fumaces/ Morning switching on, Evening switching off everyday/ Unlike round the clock, round the year, oil fired fumaces/ Technology Development offered/An workable proposition//

Contact : Er. R.K. Datta, BE(Ju), MIEEE(USA), MISI(Cal), Power Electronics Professional, Email : M: +91 9874891845, +91 8617268304

Schematic Block Diagram



#2.1 RTK : Rotary Tunnel Kiln

#2.2 SSRT : Stainless Steel Rotary Kiln

#2.3 RTR : Rotor

#2.4 HPMW : High Power Microwaves radiator

#2.5 INPUT : MgCo3

#2.6 Output 1 : MgO

#2.7 O/P 2 : CO2

#2.8 MgO : MgO Collection

#2.9 FLO : Flow of Magnetise Ore

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