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Aviation Safety on Runways

Ultrasonic (US) Birds, Animal, Vulture, Repeller for Runways in Air-ports.

US Pest Chasers of high power capacity  for 1 Km elliptical lobe upwards/ For safety of Aircraft during landing and take off/ 100 units per runway / Rs. 10 Cr. Per Runway/ Technology Development Offered/ An workable proposition//


Contact : Er. R.K. Datta, BE(Ju), MIEEE(USA), MISI(Cal), Power Electronics Professional, Email : M: +91 9874891845, +91 8617268304

Block Schematic



4.1 RWY : Runway

4.2 PLN : Plane

4.3 USR : Ultrasonic Radiator 100 W each x 100

4.4 LOB PRC : Ultrasonic Radiation LOB, Parabolic

4.5 LOB : Lobe, Plan view, 1 KM Height

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