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Dimmer Military for Trucks

Dimmer, DC-48v, 2x100w Headlight for Truck-a military Application

DC Dimmer of Pulse width modulated (PWM) Technology / While passing through villages / Rs. 5000 /- per unit for 2x100w 48v DC / Technology Transfer Offered /An workable proposition//


Block Schematic


Notes : 

11.1 : DC – 48v, Truck Battery

11.2 : PWM = DC to Pulse Width Modulation for Dimming

11.3 : CC Drive : Constant Current Drive

11.4 : Load : 2x100w Headlights


Contact : Er. R.K. Datta, BE(Ju), MIEEE(USA), MISI(Cal), Bio Energy Professional, Email : M: +91 9874891845, +91 8617268304

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