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Elephant Chaser LF/HV Radiation Chaser

ULF XMITTER TO DRIVE AWAY JUMBO – A National & Global Problem.

ULF (ultralow frequency) Radiation from XMITTER with loop Antenna would hit Elephants Ear Nerves over a distance coverages from 50-100 km range easily, Wavelengths being longer / Strategic Areas could be covered geographically through Mobile or Stationary XMITTERS / Power Supply could be 24V or 48 V, Solar PV or AC Mains / Technology Development Offered /An workable proposition//


13.1 : Block Schematic ULF XMITTER

13.2 : DC = 24/48v Supply from car battery, Solar pv, AC Mains to DC

13.3 : A = Power Amplifier

13.4 : LA = Loop Antenna

13.5 : XMT : = XMITTER, ULF

Contact : Er. R.K. Datta, BE(Ju), MIEEE(USA), MISI(Cal), Bio Energy Professional, Email : dattaratan01@gmail.com M: +91 9874891845, +91 8617268304

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