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LED Driver Without Any X-former

LED Driver 50v, 50w and upward with 10 years guarantee without any x-former and electric car battery charger (stationery)

Constant Current 50v, 50w, 100w etc / with life expectancy (MTBF) 10 years and above / Weight similar to RF technology / without any Transformer (RF or AF) / Technology Transfer offered //An workable proposition//

Notes : 

10.1 : INPUT 1Φ, 230v Single Phase, Any Standard

10.2 :  = Variable AC upto 50v, 50w, 100w etc

10.3 : DC = DC & Standard Filter

10.4 : CC = Constant Current Drive

10.5 : o/p = 50v / 50w, 100w etc for LED As called for

Contact : Er. R.K. Datta, BE(Ju), MIEEE(USA), MISI(Cal), Bio Energy Professional, Email : M: +91 9874891845, +91 8617268304

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