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e-Car Battery Charger

Environment friendly electric vehicles are encouraged locally and globally / Market for two wheelers, three wheelers, four wheelers and buses are likely to flourish roads/ e-car battery is normally of 120 AH, 48 V of lithium ion type yielding constant current over voltage fluctuations / e-battery charger @ 20 hour rate would charge within 6 hour time span and need to be of constant current drive / e-battery charger of 50A, 50V capacity fully solid state weighing 2-3 Kg cost Rs 20,000/each/ Technology Trasfer offered //

*e-Battery charging stations could be installed in every locality.

Schematic Block Diagram

Notes :

#1. Solid State transformer  РLess AC conversion 230V/50V

#2. 50V/50A DC Solid state convertion

#3. Solid State 50V/ 50ADC to constant current drive @ 20hr

#4. Lithium IONe-Car Battery

#5. Battery charger weighing only 2-3 Kg

#6. Guarantee >> 5 Yrs. //

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