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Air Pollution


#1. -ve ions are available on sea shore, Hill top and during thunderstorm with lightening /

#2. An Australian mad girl got cured during thunder storms and lightening in the seventies /

#3. -ve ions settles down pollution particles cures many ailments, improving brain power/

#4. Congested place of works, residents contain +ve ions increasing headache/

#5. Deep breathe -ve ions /  Fresh air every time ? 4x O2 intake kills viruses & bacteria /

#6. Kills viruses in millions instantly/

#6. Technology transfer is offered for mobile and stationery homes, offices for -ve ions generators//

#6. Block Schematic diagram.

Notes :

#6.1 AC input to DC converter

#6.2 HV generator

#6.3 HV radiator

#6.4 Patent applied for

#6.5 Blower

#6.6 -ve ions O/P in millions

#6.7 News paper clippins for refereces

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